Natural Products

•Fill Sand

•River Sand (unscreened)

•Plaster Sand

•Washed 3/8" Leach sand

•Washed 3/8" 50/50 Pea Gravel/Sand

•Washed 3/4" River Rock

•1"-2" minus River Rock

•2"-6" Cobble Rock

•1"-6" Unscreened River Rock

Recycled Products

•Recycle Class II Base (Cal Trans Spec)

•Recycle Class I Sub Base (based on availability)

•Recycle Class III Base (Non-Spec)

•Recycle Asphalt Base (based on availability) 

Dumping Fees

•Clean Concrete & Asphalt free for a limited time!

•Clean Concrete & Asphalt over 2X2 (pricing begins at $3.00 a ton)

•Loads with Rebar (pricing begins at $3.00 a ton)

•Oversize Pieces (pricing varies)

Unacceptable Raw Material •Organic Matters (branches - wood - grass - etc.) •Clay or Ceramic Matters •Trash •Plastic •Glass •Aluminum

The production process for our Recycle Class II Road Base...

The production of a quality product begins with the material accepted, sorted and prepared properly and ends with a tightly managed production process. Our crew is trained and skilled at multitasking and maintaining an awareness of their surroundings and the production line at all times. Before the raw material is loaded into the plant there a few steps we have to take before.

Step 1:It's inspected at the scale by the Weightmaster, then dumped in separate piles by the customer. For larger pieces and pieces with rebar, the pulverize will break it down to a smaller size and pull the rebar out. When the material is ready to be processed.

Step 2:The loader will grab a load of raw material and put it into the Jaw Crusher. Once the pieces run through the jaw, they are processed through two magnets. Immediately following the magnet a hand picker is stationed on the belt to pick out any foreign material that was not pulled out before or that the magnet didn't grab. It is then processed through a two phase shaker screen and a cone crusher through a closed circuit process.

Step 3:When the material is processed down to 3/4 minus rock it will travel up the conveyor belts to a stockpile waiting for their final destination. The final product is then picked up and/or delivered to home owners, contractors, and anyone else that needs their roads, parking lots, sub-base for roadways, etc. worked on.